In the Build Phase, most competitive ideas that have been selected in the previous Get Phase are included. In this phase we are focusing on increasing the maturing of the selected ideas. Usually ideas enter this phase with a high level, POC- Proof of Concepts, Mock-up or early stage prototype.

Phase Challenges include:

  • Keeping the commitment and motivation of the inventors.
  • Turning the POCs to more mature Prototypes.
  • Protecting the IPs.
  • Involving the Prospect Customers in the Product Definition as early as possible.
  • Time to Market with first MVP.
  • Securing the Proper Competencies, funds and GTM- Go to market strategies.
  • Reaching a customer desired product, in a fast and competitive positioning.

This phase includes two major stages:

  • First stage is the Incubation stage in which we are focusing on developing MVP- Minimum Viable Product Feature and a high level Business Model Design and initial customer validation and feedback.
  • Then another selection is conduction to result to the most competitive ideas. Such selected ideas start a new wave in the life cycle through Acceleration stage. In the Acceleration stage we focus more on a deeper customer validation, feedback, detailed business model design and the development of the pre-commercialized product version.