The main focus during the Get Phase, is capturing as much as possible ideas from the various enterprise team members.

In this phase the main challenges are:

  • Encourage Participation.
  • Maturity of Ideas.
  • Taking Competitive ideas to reach POC-Proof of Concept Realization.
  • Competitiveness Assessment.
  • Conducting and Implementing the Cultural Transformation Objectives.
  • Motivation and Education for the different team members

Set of activities and initiatives are conducted during this phase:

  • Innovation Technical Capability Audit and Assessment.
  • Cultural Transformation.
  • Alignment & Communication.
  • Team members Education & Motivation.
  • Assessment & Selection.
  • Ideation & Collaboration.
  • Ideas Collection and Submission.
  • Fast Prototyping & Concept Realization.
  • Presentation, Demonstration & Validation.
  • Go/No Go decisions to continue to the phases to follow.