Enterprise Innovation Culture Fostering Approach

It is all about people. We cannot manage innovation, we manage for innovation.


The most precious asset in any enterprise is its people. People or team members are the ones who develop products, deliver projects, sell to customers, support...customers and are the ones who develop experience which leads to knowledge in the form of know-how, know-what and know-when. Each late delivery, each product issue or bug, each best practice, success or failure is an investment that we are making in our people. The organization’s real competencies are the representation of knowledge, know-how and experience in its own team. For more reading about the innovative organization culture, please refer to the article “why an organization is innovative?”


The enterprise innovation culture fostering is all about how to empower, activate, motivate, educate and engage team members in the enterprise innovation activities.


Thus, the question is from where to start?

Is it from the human desirability factor, or from the technical feasibility, or from the business viability.

The answer is simple, it is the human desirability. As if we are able to achieve that our team members are willing and having the adequate desirability level to engage and participate in the innovation process, then we can mange to leverage both the technical feasibility and business viability.

When the intersection between the three elements -human desirability, technical feasibility and business viability- occurs, this is the only time when we reach the desired innovation impact.


  • When the human desirability and the technical feasibility intersect, this is when ideation happens and great ideas start to evolve.
  •  When the human desirability and the business viability intersect, this is when inspiration occurs and passion chain reaction starts.
  •  When technical feasibility and business viability intersect, this is when we start the implementation of ideas.
  •  The intersection between the three elements in the form of intersecting ideation, with inspiration and implementation this is what leads to impact and innovation success.

Innovation success and impact only happens when human desirability intersects with technical feasibility and business viability.

How to Use

Enterprise innovation fostering strategy needs to focus on:

  • Creating a better innovation environment within the enterprise by harnessing the collective power of people “team members”, to be able to gather insights, ideas, and implementations through a proven design thinking and enterprise innovation process, method, tools and platforms.
  • Improving innovation culture by valuing people, their ideas and contributions across the entire enterprise.
  • Increasing enterprise wide engagements and reducing/eliminating silo mentality between different teams, departments, organizations, functions and global sites.