Enterprise Innovation Maturity Road Map Canvas

Innovation Maturity Road map


After completing the internal innovation capability audit and representing the resulted status quo using the enterprise ... internal innovation audit maturity scoring grid, we can now start designing our internal innovation maturity increase strategy to close the identified gaps using the maturity road map canvas.


  • By using the enterprise internal innovation maturity road map canvasyou will be able to set your priority and visualize your strategy by using a single canvas.
  • For each of the 27 sub pillar you will need to decide when you will start working on each sub pillar and when you are expecting to reach the desired output.
  • For each sub pillar you need to design a measurable target, KPI and also an estimate time frame and needed resources including budget for sure.

How to Use

The enterprise internal innovation maturity road map canvas assumes 4 main phases of increasing the enterprise innovation capability and maturity.

The main purpose of this canvas is to prioritize your pillars which will directly impact the decision of setting priority and sequence of launching your internal innovation initiatives.

Based on your on:

  • Desired maturity state
  • Planned time to achieve the desired state
  • Available budgets and resources
  • Support from the different internal stakeholders
  • Readiness of your internal teams
  • State of the overall enterprise internal innovation culture
  • Degree of the internal processes agility
  • Commitment of top management and backers to go through the transformation strategy
  • Clarity of the internal innovation strategy objective and desired impact
  • Technical Competency readiness of the existing teams, especially technical industry and product portfolio understanding
  • Availability & competency of the internal innovation teams
  • Customers and general industry stakeholders perception of the enterprise innovation capabilities and positions

All the above factors will impact the design of the transformation and internal innovation strategy. The speed of implementation and the number of pillars that will be considered are all affected from answering and understanding the above factors.