The Innovative Dinosaur

The Innovative Dinosaur is dedicated to share knowledge and best practices related to enterprise innovation management. This includes frameworks, methodologies, methods, tools and an introduction to major concepts and techniques related to enterprise innovation management, disruption forecasting and management, ideas management, enterprise culture change and transformation.

In today's world, walls are falling between industries, entry barriers are vanishing and competition is everywhere. Our world is changing, our industries are changing and we are changing. The business world has become more and more dynamic and enterprises at all sizes are facing huge challenges. Today we need a more structured, methodological and practically proven Innovation Management enabled organizations; Organizations that can leverage their differentiation factors, build the proper competencies, identify and communicate their value proposition, and what is more important build their people culture in the proper way. Organizations that are competitive create value for their share holders, team members and communities through superior knowledge, competitive solutions and services and competent teams.

In The Innovative Dinosaur, we are sharing all our canvases, frameworks, illustration concepts and content under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Our mission is to build a community of practice by which we can share the best practices, knowledge and practical methods and tools to help different organizations to leverage their core competencies and create value for a more competitive individuals, enterprises and communities.

Our mission is to help medium and large organizations act, think and operate like startups, and to help small organizations and startups benefit from the experience, systems, processes and policies of large enterprises.

Large enterprises need to be more lean, agile, dynamic and collaborative. Startups and small organizations need to be more structured, methodological and competitive without loosing agility and passion.

Our vision is to empower individuals and enterprises through presenting and sharing the best practices and case studies for a structured innovation management frameworks and approaches.

To start realizing our mission and vision we have designed and launched (draft version) The Innovative Dinosaur website. In this website we are sharing some frameworks, tools and methods which we hope will be of benefit to as much individuals, inventors, innovators and organizations of different sizes to build and execute an efficient and effective innovation management and transformation programs.

To be able to achieve all the above, a community of practitioners must be established. A community which includes professionals and experts in the field of innovation management and organization transformation. This is a call for contribution. Each comment and suggestion that we will receive will help us to increase the maturity and value of the proposed frameworks, canvases, tools and methods. Also we are open to receive frameworks, tools, methods and programs from our community to be available and shared for others. Please do not hesitate to contact us through the contact form in this website for any collaboration ideas or opportunities.