Call for Contribution

To be able to achieve the objectives of the Innovative Dinosaur, a community of practitioners needs be established. A community which includes professionals and experts in the field of innovation management and organization transformation.

Our objective is to share best practices, knowledge, case studies, tools, methods and insights. Enterprise innovation management is challenging in such a dynamic world. It is not just about technology disruption, industries conversion, market dynamics, consumer habits change, it is also about labor market change – new work 3.0, global integration – leading to power shifts, social trends, new financing models and more.

This is a call for contribution. Each comment and suggestion that we will receive will help us to increase the maturity and value of the proposed frameworks, canvases, tools and methods. Also we are open to receive frameworks, tools, methods and programs from our community to be available and shared for others. We have tried to design a different levels of contributions. Please chose the one which suites your experience, competency, desire, available time and convenience.

Our contribution categories is designed based on the type of contribution an individual or an organization can provide. In each category our contributors can chose a single or multi topic area of contribution based on his/her domain of expertise.


Our dear subscribers are encouraged to provide feedback through commenting. Each question, advise, opinion and critique will help us to mature and improve the content of proposed material. Promoting, sharing and encouraging different networks to join the conversation will help us to create the proper community. We are seeking interaction and feedback from different community stakeholders.


We are seeking adoption and diffusion of the framework. Each individual and organization which will use the framework will help us to understand more the challenges faced during implementation. The framework maturity will not be achieved except through adoption and usage.


Educators and instructors who are interested to use part or all of our Innovative Dinosaur frameworks, tools, methods or canvases for education purposes are welcomed.


Researchers in the filed of enterprise innovation management, new product development management, change management, user centric, design thinking and organization transformation are all welcomed to participate and contribute.

Case Study Writers

As we are seeking to share best practices and success stories, we are welcoming contributions from Enterprise Innovation Professionals either to share a case study or a success story for innovation initiatives and activities. Both internal and external initiatives are welcomed.

Section Authors

Experienced professionals in specialized knowledge areas we welcomed to contribute in enriching the content and maturity of the different section of the Innovative Dinosaur. Also authors of Canvases, frameworks, automation tools and book authors especialized in the field of innovation management, are all welcomed to proposed sections and content to be added to the current and future versions.

Partners & Affiliates

For community, forums, social networks groups & pages managers who will promote The Innovative Dinosaur through their own communities. Also community of practice manager and association are more than welcomed to join this category.

Thought Leaders

In each of The Innovative Dinosaur chapters we are dedicating a section for some of the most recognized thoughts leaders in the filed of general management, innovation management, disruption, high tech marketing, technology forecasting and foresighting, agile development and fast prototyping. More than 30 thought leaders that have impacted the way we manage current and future enterprise are identified and part of their remarkable intellectual work will be refereed too and included.

TID Contributors

TID success is based on the knowledge, experience and best practices that are added through the network of contributors and backers. In return we are committed toward our contributors and backers to
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