S2I2 framework, is divided into 4 main phases; Strategize phase, Standardize phase, Implement phase and Integrate phase. The framework provides a guide for the different canvases, tools and concepts which can serve each of the 4 phases.

The S2I2 (Strategize, Standardize, Integrate & Implement) framework and tools are designed to help an organization to build an internal innovation process, method, tools and most importantly enterprise culture. 

The navigation guide consists of 4 main quadrants. Each quadrant includes the corresponding frameworks canvases, tools and concepts as follows:

Strategize Phase Quadrant:

  • Enterprise Innovation Audit Canvas
  • Business Definition Questions
  • Enterprise Innovation Maturity Canvas
  • Enterprise Innovation Maturity Evaluation Grid Canvas
  • Enterprise Innovation Maturity Road map Canvas

Standardize Phase Quadrant

  • 4I Fostering Model
  • Team Inventiveness Persona Graph
  • Enterprise Innovation Initiative Interactive Canvas
  • Enterprise Initiative Design Canvas

Implement Phase Quadrant

  • Ideas Funnel Life Cycle Management
  • Ideas Funnel Activity VS Maturity
  • Ideas Funnel Life Cycle Management Canvas

Integrate Phase Quadrant

  • Ideas Funnel Success Rate
  • Ideas Funnel Investment & Resources
  • Ideas Funnel Phases VS Innovation Organization Competencies