Motaz Agamawi

Motaz’s life work is about managing technologies development to the benefit of our humankind. He is a believer that technology disruption leads to a better tomorrow when the proper technology management paradigm is applied. He is the Chief Technology Officer- CTO of PwC Technology and Innovation Center (PwC is one of the top four consultancy firms). Prior to that he was the Director of Valeo Service Smart Service Center and the Head of Research and Innovation (Valeo is one of the top global automotive tier one suppliers).

During his 20+ years of professional experience, Motaz has led many global digital transformation projects and initiatives serving fortune five hundred clients, government entities and Small & Medium Enterprises- SME, spread allover the globe from West Coast in the USA to Australia. During that time, he established and lead enterprise cultural transformation initiatives in more than eighteen countries, forty geographical distributed entities approaching more than thirty thousand team members. Leading the development of more than seventy digital products proof of concepts, more than one hundred and seventy digital novel patent proposals, couple of dozens of published scientific papers in the diverse field of cutting-edge digital technologies and the global successful launch of tens of commercial digital products.

Since his early childhood, Motaz started to build his business acumen. It started when he was thirteen years old working during summer vacation within his family entrepreneurial software technology business. Starting his career as a software developer just after graduation then a software technology commercial professional for almost ten years within different family-owned companies. Then moved to establish his own startup and afterward moved to continue his endeavors in Sydney- Australia. In late 2013, Motaz started his first managerial corporate career in the filed of automotive software research and development, then research and innovation, followed by strategic marketing and general management for an eight-year period. Afterward returned to the enterprise digital software consulting and delivery dynamics. Such path provided him with a unique perspective of having the two sides of the coin. Having the entrepreneurial mix with corporate experience. Mastering both the commercial and technical management skills. Owning the startup and global multinational enterprise management complexities experience. Deep hands-on experience of the digital disruption and enterprise transformation challenges from different perspectives and dynamics.

As part of his continues intension to return the favor to the community, Motaz has participated over the years in many conferences, workshops, TED talks, co-authored couple of research papers and supervised many others. In addition, he has mentored and supported tens of technology-based startups targeting diversified domains. During the recent years, he held several non-executive positions with an intension to support the academia industry collaboration including Member of Advisory Board, Faculty of Computer Science, American University in Cairo the leading liberal arts university in the Middle East, Member of Advisory Board, Faculty of Engineering, Zewail University a leading technology research university, Visiting Lecturer, Management of Technology, Nile University the first nonprofit university in Egypt and Member of Board of Trustees, TIEC- Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center.