"The author has done a great job explaining the challenges faced by the traditional manufacturing sector in light of the ongoing technological disruption. His metaphor of transformational chasm between traditional and digital enterprises is pronounced. Mr.Agamawi has made a remarkable contribution by highlighting that digitalization is more than creating or adapting a cutting edge technology or software. Digital transformation is a holistic process that must have the evolution of numerous organizational aspects, such as processes,  techniques, tools, and most importantly, governance mechanisms. This book is a great read for business managers and owners to walk them through the demands of tomorrow's landscape."
Mahmoud Mohieldin
Executive Director for the Middle East at the International Monetary Fund, UN special envoy on financing the 2030 agenda and honorary professor, Durham Business School.

Previous to that Senior Vice President of the World Bank Group and Egypt Minister of Investment.
"Dinosaur directly refers to Darwin's theory in people's mind, and only the strongest will survive in a Darwinian world. In a fast moving environment, the strongest does not mean the mightiest, but the most agile and resilient and; as a matter of fact, the most suitable ecosystem. 90% of plants live together with fungi ; the human body hosts billions « foreign » forms of life. The same applies for Businesses: The industry has to work side by side with Education and Research.

Motaz has the unique ability to create this Ecosystem, being both innovative and structured, with an unflagging energy and proactiveness. The Innovative Dinosaur book perfectly reflects it"
Guillaume Devauchelle
Member of French National Academy of Technology,
Board Member of ESIGELEC (Engineering School),
Member of Education & Research, Council Mines ParisTech (Engineering School), Former Valeo Group Innovation & Scientific Development VP (retired).
"This book fills a gap in the current literature by collecting both the background needed for the reader and the organizational transformational process needed for the professional. We are living it, experiencing it but encompassing it with such attractive sequence and illustration diagrams is needed. As a consultant, I particularly found chapter 8 on building the innovative organization very useful and i will probably recommend it to all top management who do not want their organization to be left behind and manage not only to survive, but flourish in the next 10 years. Needless to mention that governments officials that are normally cautious or in other words late adopters will need to digest this book from start to end. Competitiveness of countries now highly rely on innovation and digital transformation. The consequence of lagging is less attractiveness to investment which will directly affect employment rate and tax revenue hence impacting citizens' prosperity."
Dr.Ahmed Darwish
Previous Chairman of Suez Canal Economic Zone, and Egypt Minister of state for Administrative Development.
"The Innovative Dinosaur is a must read for CIOs and CTOs who are serious about transforming their ICT organization and ushering the business into the elite club of innovative digital organizations. We know that this type of transformation is complex and challenging in nature, you would need to be equipped with well thought process, methods, and tools to succeed. It is comforting to see a real experience behind this book, it has both the breadth and depth need to rationalize, plan, and execute a digital transformation. I would certainly encourage the business leaders to read or at least browse this well illustrated book as they embark on their journey to create a new digital value through innovation."

Mike Haddad
Previous director of information and communication technologies UNFCCC and Senior IT Architect/strategist in IBM Australia for more than 14 years.