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Enterprise Innovation Maturity Audit

Answer 15 questions and instantly see how you can improve your organization creativity and innovation capabilities. It takes less than 10 mins and you will receive a detailed visual report.

Innovation audits are an examination of current innovation practices. With such insight, the management team gains alternative and additional measures and techniques that may help them increase even maximize their innovation capabilities.

Enterprise Digital Readiness

Examine the fourteen elements that define a digital organization. After a prompt survey, the results will help in determining the stage of readiness for any given enterprise. Following that, this result will guide the strategy formulation to be implemented for the needed transformational initiatives and program.

Distributed Workforce 3.0 Checklists

The current business context is moving more and more towards global operations. The management’s ability to establish and expand their footprint based on competency and competitiveness is what guarantees continued success. The Innovative Dinosaur includes a set of checklist covering the different organizational elements from HR, IT, PM and operational conduct beast practice.

Remote Workforce 3.0 Best Practices

Full remote workforce has become a reality. The Innovative Dinosaur provide a set of beast practices for organization to succeed in building such model. From hiring strategy, hiring methods & processes, onboarding, talent development, compensation & benefits, operational productivity and efficient, gear acquisition strategies, to cybersecurity & data protection. Including processes, methods and suggestion toolchains.

Designing Collaborative Digital Product

Traditionally, companies controlled all aspects related to the delivery of their own products and service offerings. Today, we are moving from industry boundaries to platforms and ecosystems, from single product purpose to connected multi-purpose, from producer and user role to co-creation and product co-creation. The Innovative Dinosaur provide a set of best practices, methods and checklist to overcome the challenge of building an ecosystem collaborative digital product.

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Enterprise Innovation Audit Canvas

Enterprise Innovation Maturity Evaluation

Enterprise Digital Readiness Canvas

Enterprise Innovation Maturity Raodmap

Pre-Audit Business Definition Canvas

Innovation Audit Main Elements

Team Inventiveness Distribution

Partners Ecosystem Design Canvas

Ideas Funnel Team Roles

Ideas Funnel Success Rate

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Factors Changing Our World

Collaborative Disruption Technologies

Disruptive Business Models

Team Competency Building Guide

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